quinta-feira, novembro 13, 2008


Do WSJ de hoje, sobre a constituição dos grupos de transição da Administração Obama:

"WASHINGTON -- President-elect Barack Obama's first extensive roster of transition advisers sheds light on the types of people his administration will lean on and what institutions may claim clout in the new Washington.
The Obama transition team released the names of 13 people on Wednesday who will direct a top-to-bottom review of federal agencies and another six who will lead teams that will review Treasury, State and Defense department policy, budget and personnel issues.

The group is filled with second-tier veterans of the Clinton administration and workers in the technology and financial sectors. It includes four former lobbyists, three top campaign fund-raisers and two former employees of troubled mortgage giant Fannie Mae, with some overlap among them. Four people in the group have ties to the consultant McKinsey & Co. and two have experience leading high-tech start-ups."

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Baralha e volta a dar...

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