sábado, novembro 25, 2006

Citações 23: is there "a deep divide"?

"There is a deep divide between Democrats and Republicans. It used to be based on the elevated principle enunciated by Matthew Arnold: Choose equality and flee greed.Democrats signed on to this; Republicans--at least once Theodore Roosevelt left--didn't. That's still true today. President Bush has certainly not embraced equality. And many of his administration's policies virtually enshrine greed as a guarantor of the public good. Still, the breach between the parties is no longer so clear or so deep. You really can't count the pampered and petulant Hollywood (or Cambridge or Upper West Side) left as truly egalitarian. Ditto for the party's high-tech zillionaires. George Soros is certainly no egalitarian, nor is John Kerry. And Teresa? Please. Maybe Democrats feel ethically superior because they used to be egalitarians, although past tense is a shaky platform for moral arrogance."

Martin Peretz, "Ghosts"in TNR , in 9-3-2004

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