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Os "neocons", vistos da direita

Entrevista ao Spectator (11.11.2006) , John Hulsman, autor, com Anatol Lieven, de Ethical Realism: A Vision for America's Role in the World:

"The neocons have gone wrong by offering us humanitarianism on steroids. It has been a false realism, as though you can impose democracy at the barrel of a gun and people will like it. As though one size fits all for the world - culture and history don't matter at all. In essence, the neoconservatives are stil Jacobin utopian Rousseauian Trotskyists, supporters of permanent revolution. That's their gig. And of course it's met with predictable disaster".

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Blogger Pedro Botelho disse...

Num registo que parece prenunciar uma -- apesar de tudo ainda muito improvável -- responsabilização dos neocons, leio com alguma surpresa na revista Time (of all places!) o seguinte bem-humorado (que remédio!) artigo:

De salientar esta hilariante passagem relativa ao lendário "Príncipe das Trevas" Richard Perle: "Yet in Vanity Fair's quotes, there is no note of contrition. It's not their fault. In fact, dispensing with Saddam, establishing peace and democracy in Iraq and then watching those ideals spread throughout the Middle East is still a good idea. It's just that President George W. Bush bungled the job. Among other things, he failed to recognize the degree of "disloyalty" within his Administration, says Perle--who was chairman of Bush's Defense Policy Board--thus proving the accusation even as he makes it."

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